Countdown To Taiwan

I can't believe it's almost here, and man I sure am more than ready for this trip.

About 6 months ago I was accepted to follow God's call to go overseas to share the love of God to the people of Burkina Faso. You might say "but why is this titled 'Countdown to Taiwan 2015!'?"  Well here's the thing, God had an amazing plan in store for not only me, but the rest of the team. Over the course of the first 3 months in planning our mission trip we encountered many problems that involved our location for the trip. God knew all along that world conflict would be a problematic factor in our planning. Finally this conflict was resolved and God made it more than clear that we were supposed to be headed to Taipei, Taiwan. A team was needed of 10-12 students, high energy, able to teach english, students that would enjoy putting on a sports camp focused on Jesus, and you want to know what? That team was assembled from the very beginning, had no clue there was a need for their exact gifts, and ironically that team was us! I have been blessed by countless families, friends, and coworkers financially in supporting me as I serve God. 

I'm excited to share my adventure through both my website, photography Facebook page, and my Instagram account. I will tell daily stories and share pictures about what we have done each day, as well as how God has worked in the lives of not only the people of Taiwan, but our team as well. Thank you for supporting me on this trip, and I'm thrilled that you will be able to hear our tales through the awesome power of social media. 

Trip dates: July 28th-August 10th

Daily posts will be made through:

Instagram- @Calebwallace