Starting our morning off a little sleepy

Starting our morning off a little sleepy

Day 2 of our sports camp was off to a fantastic start with the children somehow becoming more and more willing to learn. A huge blessing to those of us who were slowly losing more and more physical energy as the week progressed. The children had already learned a great amount, and their hunger for more knowledge was strong as they continued to grow on us through their joyous smiling attitudes. No matter what the task, they would do it with a giant ear to ear grin and a “yes” answer. 

Many of the kids would draw us pictures of ourselves and give them to us as gifts. That was one of the biggest highlights of the trip so far for myself as they gave the to us. “Teacher, teacher this is for you”, the kids would say. You could already tell they loved us, and that made us know that we were doing something right in our teaching and relational efforts with our students. 

As the day went on, talk of the coming “super typhoon" could be heard in the passing conversation of host to group leaders. Much of this small talk regarding the typhoon had an anxious and stressed feeling tied in. From what I have heard, this typhoon has the possibility to be one of the largest storms on record for 2015. I can assure you that our group is in safe hands as we get closer and enter in to a time of prayer for the country of Taiwan for safety. 

Notes from our awesome students

Notes from our awesome students

As our group prayed back at the house we were staying, I constantly had the song “Hello Hurricane” by Switchfoot stuck in my head. An overwhelming sense of peace come over my ever worrying spirit as the lyrics went through my head. 

The lyrics go:

Hello hurricane 

You're not enough 

Hello hurricane 

You can't silence my love 

I've got doors and windows 

Boarded up 

All your dead end fury is 

Not enough 

You can't silence my love, my love

May this be your prayer for our group in time of worry, outreach to the people of Hualien, and as we seek God’s will in this approaching storm. God all along had a plan for us as He changed our original location because of certain circumstances from Burkina Faso to Amman, Jordan, then to Taiwan. We miraculously have ended up here with no clue why it is that God has planned our story this way. All we know is that we will be faithful in His plan for us no matter the cost. Nothing can silence God’s love, even the hardship of this world. 

Jeremiah 29:11 NLT

PS Don’t worry about our group, instead pray for the above requests. Officials in the country have our best interest, and know what is safe and not.