Sometimes, I sit back, stare at the ceiling and think to myself "Wow, I have really come a long ways." The simple fact of the matter is yes, yes indeed I have come a long ways. Looking back through my life (all 18 years of it), I see many events that have shaped who I am as a person. Many of these events may seem petty to outsiders, yet I see them as life changing events that became a sort of catalyst for positive growth to occur. To be honest I never ever envisioned myself enjoying photography as much as I currently am. I truly believed that I was going to skate professionally, and be able to make a living doing that.. But really, those were thoughts of a younger Caleb. A younger Caleb who was less in touch with reality. Maybe photography isn't what God's plan for me to do is. Yet I know that somehow, one way or another I will use my creative gifts to serve God. It feels like just yesterday I picked up my first camera and began to slowly fall in love with the simple medium of photography. Time has passed at an immense pace, yet I focus on moving forward. Moving forward, in a manner that makes me into a better person. I want to strive for progression. The only way I could describe the last few years of high school would be this: one step forward, one step back, but then taking ten huge leaps and bounds in the right direction. The only way I could've been able to get those huge leaps and bounds in the right direction is because of YOU. You, yes you! You are the ones who have helped support me, influence me, and most of all guide me into this positive spot I'm at in life right now. I'm so beyond grateful for everyone who has contributed in helping me along this journey. Yet as I sit here, stare at the ceiling once more, and think to myself. I realize maybe I am the underdog in my own story, but those thoughts can be saved later for another post in time. Thank YOU again, you are the reason I am where I am today.