Wow, almost 24 straight hours of travel. Our team is exhausted, drained, amazed by the culture, and so stoked to share God's love. No matter the circumstances involved, we have managed to push through with positive attitudes to make the best of every second here on our trip.

1st night in Ximen, Taiwan 

1st night in Ximen, Taiwan 

"Wait what time is it here?" As we left our last plane, a mood of confusion set in due to our bodies not understanding what time zone we were in. We flew through customs without any hesitation from the Taiwanese security! Thank God for that!! Almost instantaneously we were greeted by our host Chris. Chris helped us exchanged our money, load bags onto the bus we would be taking, and guided us into our new foreign home for the next 12 days. We boarded the bus which would take us on a 45 minute trip through the city towards the apartment we would be staying in Ximen (she-men). As we rode through the city, we were greeted by humid rain, lightning, and sights of a culture which never slept through the night. 

Ximen, translated "West Gate",  is a smaller section of Taipei, Taiwan which essentially is the beginning to the West side of the city. The Westgate was a large community which thrived off of shopping late into the night.

The Taiwanese have been awesome so far, and I look forward to becoming more immersed in their culture. God is so good, and it has been overly evident as He led us to our destination free of problems.