Jedediah Smith Redwoods & Samuel H. Boardman

After a long 5 hour drive down to California, we pulled off the road and finally got some much needed sleep. In the morning, we drove to Jedidiah Smith Redwoods State Park to take in the view and shoot pictures. We proceeded down the very poor road that would take us into the Redwoods with concern for some of the other cars around us. The Redwoods were breathtaking even though the weather was inconsistent with rain and fog. We managed to get tons of good shots from our first stop. After, we headed to Samuel H. Boardman State Park, outside of Brookings, Oregon. On our way we stopped at all the small beaches and overlooks we saw (which seemed like a million). One of the stops we made was to Oregon's tallest bridge. At 345ft. high, our fear of heights definitely started to kick in. Along the Samuel H. Boardman corridor we stopped at more beaches and finally made it to our destination. We couldn't believe how beautiful it this part of the coast could be, it was the most surreal thing ever. The water was bright blue and the views were incredible. With a large amount of time left in the day we left the area and headed up towards Coos Bay where we would stay the night.